We do it all

Le Grand Entertainment can handle any and every event that you require. From the bride and groom’s big day to that corporate yearly party, your son or daughter’s big Mitzvah celebration to sweet 16’s and that big family bash, we are ready to bring that special day to life.


It’s the big day. The one that you’ve been dreaming of all your life. Every detail matters. It’s time to call Le Grand Entertainment. We have years of experience with weddings, focusing on bringing that special time to life, but also making sure those one-in-a-lifetime moments are captured perfectly. From the grand entrances of the bride and groom to the father-daughter dance, we handle every part of this important day with class, beauty, and excitement.

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Corporate Events

How do you get that hard-working office to unwind? Bring in Le Grand Entertainment! We love the challenge of making any corporate occasion come to life in a way that is both professional and unforgettable.

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It’s a special day and beautiful moment. After so much hard work by both you and your child, it’s time to celebrate. We have extensive experience bringing Mitzvah events really come to life. Our presentation of lighting, color, emcee work, and music can do the unthinkable: make adults and kids smile!

Sweet 16s

They’re all grown up! It’s big day to celebrate your child’s important day, and it deserves a big event. Le Grand Entertainment has the skills necessary to let those crazy 16 year-olds have a blast, while still letting the whole family get on the dance floor.


Whether it’s a reunion or just a fun day for a party, Le Grand Entertainment has done it all. Give us a call and stop by to discuss your big idea or event. We have all kinds of thoughts to share, and maybe even a few ideas you hadn’t thought of yet!